Termites exist in colonies which are made up of several cast which all serve a part to maintain the survival of the colony.

They are the Queen, King, Workers, Soldiers and reproductive.

Here on the Central Coast, we have 3 main species of termites that cause damage to timbers in service which are.

Coptotermes Termites

Coptotermes  which are a fairly aggressive termite it is one of the commonly found termite that are found in people’s homes here on the Central Coast .This Termite is identified by the solider cast which has a pear shaped head and are 5.8mm long and exudes a white latex from it pore in the head of the solider when they are under attack or disturbed.

Schedorhinotermes Termites

Schedorhinotermes are another species of Termite found in homes here on the central coast it is identified by having two sized soldiers a minor solider which it’s size is 3.6mm long and a major solider is 5.6mm long this a very shy termite and will retreat if disturbed too much.

Nasutitermes Termites

Nasutitermes are the third main species here on the central coast it is identified by a teardrop head shape which is black in colour and makes it nest in trees and on the ground its size is 6.0mm long.