It is coming into Winter one of the most popular times that rodents and mice can come into your home. The main reason mice and other rodents will come inside are to find shelter and food.

Rodent infestations can rapidly increase creating potential issues such as food, electrical wires and the health of your family. Rodent droppings can carry bacteria, diseases and viruses that are harmful to humans, so it is best to act on any signs of rodents in your home quickly.

If you think that you might have problems with rodents here are some quick ways to tell if you have a rodent in your home. 

Top signs that indicate rodent problems

1. Small droppings 

Mice droppings are black, look oval in shape and can be around 3-6mm in length. They are very commonly mistaken for cockroach droppings. 

As mentioned before mouse droppings carry harmful bacteria so always ensure you wear gloves when cleaning up. It is best to avoid sweeping or vacuuming as this can dispel the bacteria. We recommend that you use disposable gloves and pickup and disposed of in a sealed plastic bag.

2. Noses in the walls or roof

If you hear noises in the walls of the roof, this can be a good sign that you have rodents in your home. Generally, you will hear these noises more at night time as mice are nocturnal creatures and they are great at climbing up high so you can sometimes hear scratching as they do.

3. Holes in materials 

Mice use different materials to build their nest and generally shred the materials to create the nest. If you see holes in bedding, clothing, insulation or other materials if can mean that you house a mouse.

4. Musky Smells

If you open up a cupboard or draw and there is a strange smell it is a good chance the smell is a mouse. They tend to have quite a musky smell that smells like old urine. 

They also like to hide their nests in dark spaces so pantries can be a prime area, it is dark, has food and provides shelter.

If you think that you have a problem with mice or rodents in your home please contact AM Pest Solutions for all your Central Coast pest control needs. You can call Anthony on 0490 487 032.