Termite Pest Control Central Coast

Termite Pest Control and Termite Inspections on the NSW Central Coast. Our professional pest control service offers pre-purchase pest inspections, termite treatments and inspections.
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Termite Treatments Central Coast and Lake Macquarie

Termites can be devastating to your home or office. AM Pest Solutions Central Coast can stop termites and prevent them from returning using long term solutions.

The first step is a thorough termite inspection to see if termites are present in your home. Once we have determined we will discuss the best way to eliminate the termites from your home.

Termite Reticulation Refill

What is a Reticulation System?

A Reticulation System allows for a chemical barrier to be applied around the edge of the home it is composed of a series of underground pipes that are filled with a termiticide via specialised equipment and pumps, it is refilled every 3-5 years. Prior to refilling any reticulation system AM Pest Solutions central coast will complete a comprehensive visual Termite inspection of the property and inspection of the current system and serviceability of the system to see if it is still intact.

Contact AM Pest Solutions Central Coast to book your Reticulation system Refill and Annual Termite inspection.

Our Termite Treatments for Central Coast residences


Pre-purchase inspections


Termite treatments


Termite inspections


Commercial and residential termite treatments


Post construction termite treatments

Year-Round Termite Protection Plan for your home

At AM Pest Solutions we offer a year-round termite protection plan for Central Coast residences to have your investment protected which includes a treatment for 10 pests that are commonly found at your home.

What do we do on our year-round protection program we will come out and visit your home and complete a pest treatment 2 times per year and apply treatment for the 10 pests to prevent those crawling insects we will also complete a yearly visual termite inspection of the property.

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