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Professional flea treatments on the Central Coast to protect your home and pets from these tiny creatures.
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Flea Control Central Coast

Control fleas in your home

Fleas are a wingless and have very strong hind legs which allow them to jump very high from host to host.

The most common fleas are the dog flea and cat flea both average in size around  1 to 4mm in length a Adult flea may lay around 4 to 8 eggs per meal and in the lifetime may lay several hundred eggs.

Eggs will hatch in a time frame of 2 to 14 days depending on conditions.

Flea control is completed by a process of integrated pest management, before any treatment all animals bedding should be washed, the home should be vacuumed and lawn cut as low as possible this is to remove as many eggs and live fleas as possible and to allow the treatment to gain contact with the soil.

You should consult with a vet for the best control treatment suitable for your Pet.

Our treatment will cover, treating of the internals areas of the home and subfloor and treatment of the lawns for fleas.

What would a flea treatment involve?

  1. Inspection of the property to identify flea harbourage areas
  2. Treatment using a knockdown Pesticide and IGR (insect growth regulation)
  3. Advice on what to inspect after the treatment
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