Ant Treatments and Pest Control

Professional ant treatments on the Central Coast to protect your home from these tiny creatures.
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Ant Pest Control Central Coast

Control ants in your home with our pest treatments

Are you having issues with ants there are a lot of different species here on the central coast the main three which most households would have experienced are.

  1. Coastal Brown Ants
  2. Black house Ants
  3. White footed black ants

Ants have different diets and it is selecting the right treatment for the correct ant they are broken down into to two groups Sugar Feeding Ants and Protein Feeding Ants.

A lot of the products on the supermarket shelfs have little to no effect on a lot of the species.

What would an Ant treatment involve?

  1. Inspections of the property to identify what species of Ants are at the property.
  2. Treatment of the property using a combination of Gel baits formulated for ants and or a liquid non-repellent spray or foam.
  3. Advice on how to reduce ants from returning to the property in the Future.
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